Work History

US Navy - Training

2/94 - 10/94
Boot Camp
Learned basic organizational and personal management skills.  Developed group problem solving skills.  Served as recruit in charge of company mail disbursement.
Awarded National Defense medal
For serving in the military during wartime (Gulf War).
Volunteered for Performing Arts Company (PAC)
Participated in NTTC Quarry station choir.  Represented Navy at many public events.  Placed in charge of choir administration.  Received commendation (from...) for outstanding service and professionalism.
Basic Electronics course
Learned basics of DC and AC circuit design and troubleshooting.
Chaff system course
Learned to maintain and troubleshoot the shipboard chaff launching (SRBOC) system.  Passed as top student in class.
Received "secret" security clearance clearance.
Maintained this security clearance throughout naval career
Electronic Warfare threat recognition course
Learned to recognize radar parameters and various missle threats.
(details of class are classified)
Passed as top student in class
AN/SLQ-32 Operator course
Learned to operate the SLQ-32 radar receiver.
(details of class are classified)
Passed as top student in class.

US Navy - USS John S. McCain (DDG-56)

10/94 - 1/97
Advanced Chaff System course
Learned advanced troubleshooting of shipboard chaff launching (SRBOC) system.
Petty Officer Indoctrination course
Learned various management techniques and leadership skills
Advanced fire fighting courses

Advanced handgun course

Operations department IT admin
Assisted in rebuilding of shipboard Novell network.
Created and maintained classified and non-classified databases.
In charge of missle decoy system
"Supierior MK-36 DLS technician as demonstrated by zero equipment discrepancies during deployment to the Arabian Gulf"
    - Lt. Demane, Operation Department Head
Designated SLQ-32 operator
best operator in Pacific Fleet in 1995-96
"Petty Officer Epperson is a superb electronic warfare analyst, deftly managing the electromagnetic spectrum"
   - Lt. Demane, Operation Department Head
Workcenter RPPO (Repair-Parts PO)

Fireteam member - Fast Response Team
Successfully contained, and organized crew to extinguish shipboard file.
Security team member

Promoted four times, up to EW2
"Epperson accomplishes all assigned tasks in a consistent manner with superb results"
"He sets high standards for himself personally and profesionally."
"Epperson shows a relentless desire to excel"
  - LtCDR Frederick, Operation Department Head
Awarded Good Conduct medal

Awarded Sea Service Deployment ribbon

Awarded Armed Forces Expeditionary medal

Managed tiger team
Took a low prestiege, unwanted job with a work crew of 10 and successfully motivated the crew such that the work was completed two weeks ahead of schedule (half the alloted time) and to a higher standard than originally set.  Management skills and team successes noted by the Captain.
Honerable discharge

Thorburn Associates - Network Administrator

2/97 - 6/99

Migrated network from Novell Netware 3.12 to Windows NT 4.0

Bebuild entire network and all servers
Lost almost every piece of hardware and copy of software to buglary.  Single handedly restored enough network functions and PCs to make entire company productive within two days.  Wa s able to minimize lost work due to recent change in off-site backup policies that I established.  Restored all PC and network services within a week.  Was granted three weeks paid vacation for outstanding work.
Ground up redesign of corporate web site

Created web based project tracking application
Application tracked notes and open issues related to companies projects.  Application written as a Perl CGI that uses an Access database for it's data needs.  A preliminary e-mail interface to the database was also created.
Changed out billing software
Evaluated and rolled out time-tracking and billing software to replace ageing and unsupported existing system.  Programmed customized queries and reports to support existing administrative infrastructure.
Established e-mail server
Brought company into the "Internet" age by setting up a corporate e-mail server accessable to all employees.  Greatly increased client and vender communication.
Fixed storage problems
Built up a new storage server with an external RAID enclosure.  Greatly increased available storage and allowed for room to grow.

Thorburn Associates - Embedded Systems Programmer

10/97 - 6/99

Programmed SAP labs (presentation?) room.

Programmed Elan pharmaceudicals conference rooms

Designed control system for, and programmed Monterey Bay Aquarium's Auditorium ("Exploring Monterey Canyon")

Designed control system for, and programmed Monterey Bay Aquarium's "Deep Link" exhibit

Programmed HP's Spyglass auditorium

Axiom Design - Network Administrator

6/99 - 2/03

Fixed critical storage problems
Built new server (with RAID array), and brought it online.  Increased available network storage by a factor of 10.  Solution has served the company for 3 years with no failures, and should continue to do so for at least another year with no modifications.
Fixed critical network stability problems
Rebuilt the network infrastructure using ethernet switch technology and streamlined network.  Network speed increases from an average of 2 Mb/sec to near 80 Mb/sec.
Moved to new offices
Laid out new network infrastructure in newly leased offices.  Moved all IT assets to new building and had all network services up and running with less than a day of downtime.
Created web application to automate processes.
The Lighting Department wanted to automate thier processes.  I built up a Red Hat Linux server running an application server and a SQL service.  Used this server to create the "Lighting Database" application.  The "Lighting Database" is now used by the lighting designers to easily document their designs.  Tracks all pertinent information related to these lighting projects.  Has been an immense timesaver - design time has been cut in half and the time to generate standard reports was reduced from 2 days down to 10 minutes.
 Deployed various network services   Subversion server, MoinMoin wiki.

Axiom Design - Embedded Systems Programmer

2/01 - 7/04

Designed and programmed Vadasz Residence home (mansion?) control system.

programmed Behm residence home (mansion?) control system.

Designed and programmed Chuang residence home (mansion?) control system.

Monterey Bay Aquarium update
Sought out by Aquarium for outstanding previous work to make updates to various control systems.  Modified the "Deep Link" and "Exploring Monterey Canyon" code to account for equipment changes.  Created code for projector timers for various exhibits.
 Created reusable Crestron program / template  Template initially used by Axiom to rapidly deploy control system projects and was used in several installations.  Eventually, the program was fleshed out enough to allow for specialization using only configuration files.

Kaleidescape, Inc. - Senior Software Enginner

Created and maintained Crestron and AMX modules    Modules had previously been created by outside contractors, but had many design and implementation issues.  Rewrote from the ground up in 2004 and released as version 2.0.  Maintained the modules through 2010 - version 8.0.  Worked with graphics designers to build Created and maintained documentation to accompany these modules detailing the use and providing sample installation instructions.  Trained support staff and others on the systems.  Provided escalation support.
 Trade show tech  Responsible for all AV and control systems for Kaleidescape's booth at several trade shows:  CEDIA 2004/2005/2006, CEDIA UK 2006, ISE 2006/2007 and other miscellaneous smaller shows.  Provided technical assistance for all subsequent major shows: CEDIA 2007/2008/2009, ISE 2008/2009
 Drove control protocol Designed various additions to the Kaleidescape control protocol and worked with various engineers to get the changes implemented.  Changes include the touch-the-video interface (patent 20050097135), SATP (Stand-Alone Touch Panel) interface, keypad control interface, child-friendly remote (patent pending) and music interface.
 Assisted with UI changes  Helped design various enhancements to the Kaleidescape interface including the music user interface (patent 20080190267), disk-in-tray interaction
 Created Control4 drivers In 2009, designed and implemented Control4 modules including build scripts for deployment.  Maintained through 2010 - version 1.2.  Also created documentation to accompany the driver.  Trained support staff on the system.