In the desert, seen here:

Her engine:


Here is an old one of me and Scrappy at Burning Man 2000:


Me, driving on the desert. Photographer was sitting on the hood.

In December 2004, I towed Scrappy back from the body shop - VERY Tiger striped! I took a break for the holidays, and put her engine back in. I started replacing my CV joint boots and found that I had two bad joints. Replace those, and drove her to work on January 10th, 05.

In 2006, I bought the 2270 that Jake Raby built up for an article in Hot VWs. He drove it from Georgia to California to attend Bugorama, then we met up, pulled the engine from the Bluebonic Plague and I hauled it home.

Full engine readings for the trip:

Reinforced transaxle, upgraded the suspension, new fuel line, upgraded engine mounts, and the whole beastie is rounded off with a Tangerine Exhaust.

Accident - Just before jumping into the project, we had a bad day coming home from camping. I had to add body work to the list.

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Ian Epperson,
Jun 25, 2015, 11:33 AM